A Web 3.0
Finance Protocol
Connecting DeFi and the
Traditional Finance Sector
  • Capricorn
    The Capricorn lending protocol provides pledgedcoin lending service platform, which is an open and decentralized asset financing protocol. Capricorn builds a smart contract-based asset pool that brings the capital and investors from the crypto world and the real world together, in order to realize the unlimited potential of DeFi.
  • Capricorn
    Capricorn Protocol, a balanced and decentralized algorithmic pledgedcoin protocol, issues a type of pledgedcoin named CUSD which pegged to $1, with superior stability, scalability and capital efficiency. CPT is the revenue and governance token of Capricorn protocol. Based on this, Capricorn Protocol will create a decentralized lending service platform to utilize the assets within the protocol efficiently.

Empowering the traditional

industry using blockchain technology

How Capricorn Lending Works
  • Floating Rate Loan
  • Fixed Rate Loan
  • Credit Limit Delegation
How Capricorn Pledgedcoin Works
  • Partial and Diversified Collateral
    Capricorn uses partial collateral as value support ensuring price stability, while realizes the diversification and complete decentralization of collateral.
  • Protocol
    Controlled Value
    Completely control pledgedcoin issuance by smart contract. Alleviate fluctuations caused by human interference and emotion, and respond to market demand in a timely manner.
  • Asset Reserve Central Bank
    Accommodates the collateral and other crypto assets for minting pledgedcoin. Creative staking method helps continuously attract honest liquidity to expand the scale of CUSD.
  • Comprehensive Value Capture
    Feedback the benefits obtained in the development process of Capricorn to the participating users and funds. Forming a positive interaction and positive cycle of development and benefits.
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